Fleetwood Windows & Doors

Architectural Excellence

Combining Goldfinch Bros. experience and skills alongside Fleetwood’s class leading products results in stunning aluminum window and door designs and architectural detail. Fleetwood windows and doors are low maintenance and energy compliant. Unique configurations like the Multi-Slide doors with in wall pocketing systems and concealed flush sill tracks mean that your home will have the wow factor you’ve been looking for.

See if for Yourself

Goldfinch Bros. has a complete collection of Fleetwood product on display in their showroom. Including a very large 3 panel multi slide door – measuring 15’ Wide and nearly 10’ Tall – and a new Atlantic hinged door that is 3’7” Wide and 9’ Tall.

We also show a Kona window wall system with fixed glass and venting inserts. A visit to our showroom will help you see the just what possibilities are available. Fleetwood combines very large glass areas with clean and narrow sight-lines for an unparalleled overall look.

The Little Things

Most anything can be copied these days and a sliding door is no exception. Others may claim to have precision rollers on their doors but are actually using more common sealed bearing rollers. Only Fleetwood uses authentic precision bearing rollers from Switzerland in their premium door lines. Another example of the kind of attention to detail that sets Fleetwood apart.

Large Openings

Aluminum makes oversized windows and doors a possibility. Flexibility of sizes and configuration make them a dream come true. Fleetwood continues to lead the market with innovative approaches to function and form.

Finishes That Last

Fleetwood offers its aluminum products in thousands of colors. Standard “Fast Track” finishes are available in shorter production time in Clear Anodized, Dark Bronze Anodized and White Kynar™ Paint. Other anodized and custom painted finishes are available.