Window Seal Failure

Do your windows look foggy or fogged?  Is there a collection of moisture or condensation between the panes?

Window condensation often times is caused by window seal failure, but before you choose to replace your windows altogether, below are a few tips and alternatives to whole window replacement.

Whether your windows are double or triple-paned insulated glass units (IGU’s), you will first want to wash your windows both inside and outside. Not only is this an effective and easy way to test the functionality of your window seals, but it’s also a great way to perform regular window maintenance, such as occasionally cleaning your windows. After washing and thoroughly drying your windows, you can then perform a simple visual inspection of each IGU. Do you see any moisture or condensation between the panes of the sealed unit? Condensation will manifest as a foggy patch or as areas of water droplets.

If your window is experiencing condensation after your visual inspection, this is a sign that a mixture of outer and inner air within the sealed window is producing condensation, resulting in window seal failure. While a visual inspection doesn’t provide information regarding the extent of the failure, it is a reliable indicator that the basic function of insulation has been compromised to some degree.

If you have Low-E window coatings that are experiencing any rusting, molding, mildew, rainbow spots, or haziness, this is also a sure sign that the protective film on your windows has been compromised. Low-E or Low Emittance windows have a razor-thin, colorless, non-toxic coating applied to the window in order to improve energy efficiency.

Other indications of window seal failure include bowing or distortion of large windows. This occurs when the window seal failure acts as a one-way valve, releasing the window’s protective gas that is installed by the manufacturer for insulation effectiveness. The escape of the gasses, such as Krypton or Argon, creates a vacuum tight seal within the interior of the glass panes, but because of the exact nature of the seal, perforation does not allow the voided chamber to be replaced with outside air. The result is reduced pressure between the glass panes, which then pulls the glass inward, resulting in visual distortion.

If you are experiencing any of the signs above, fortunately, there is a cost-effective alternative to full window replacement.  The Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) itself can be replaced while keeping the window frame intact, which helps avoiding the need to replace the entire among other repairs like paint matching or extra con

With the professional installation of new glass, your window seal failure problem can be solved for a fraction of the price and time. Improve your energy and overall cost savings by replacing your failed window seals with new IGU’s from Goldfinch Brothers, Inc.

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