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lacantina-thirdIt’s springtime in the Pacific Northwest which means soggy clouds will soon part (any minute now) illuminating the green vistas and breathtaking mountain views that make our region such a special place to live. It’s no wonder so many local homeowners are latching onto one of the biggest design trends of recent years: stylized indoor/outdoor living spaces.

Six in 10 architectural design firms saw a spike in demand last year for “areas in the home, such as a ground floor common room, that span interior and exterior spaces,” according to Architect Magazine.

That trend shouldn’t be too surprising considering how much bang homeowners can get for their buck by installing one of many chic systems that Goldfinch Bros. offers from La Cantina Doors, out of Oceanside, Calif. Upgrading your transitionary space with frameless glass doors or floor-to-ceiling windows from La Cantina will dramatically upgrade your view and help blur the line between indoor and outdoor decor.

Here are some frequently asked questions to consider before visiting our showroom to pick the right system for your home:

Why choose La Cantina?

Quite simply, LaCantina Doors OPEN SPACES. By eliminating walls and removing the distinction between the indoors and outdoors, LaCantina Doors transform your space, creating an environment of outdoor living.  With innovative designs, LaCantina Doors products are preferred by designers and homeowners for their quality, clean lines and narrow door profiles that maximize your view as a glass wall when closed.

What type of structural support is required for LaCantina folding systems?

LaCantina Folding Systems are top hung and provide superior operating performance. It is very important that the LaCantina Doors’ frame be secured to an adequate header that does not deflect down when the doors are installed or if there is any settling in the structure.  The structural support required and header size depends on both the weight of the doors and also surrounding structural conditions. The maximum deflection of the header with the live load shall not exceed the lesser of L/720 of the span and 1/4”. Structural support for lateral loads (both wind load and when the panels are stacked open) must be provided.  For example, door panels 36” wide and 96” tall typically weigh approximately 110 lbs each. We generally see engineered or steel beams used as headers. Please consult with your designer, structural engineer or contractor.

What glass options are available? Can I get energy efficient glass?

All glass is insulated and tempered and Low-E glass is standard on all LaCantina Doors Systems for greater energy efficiency. Custom glass is available with any order, including tinted, obscure and laminated glass. Triple glaze and other options are also available for high energy performance to meet the necessary and demanding energy codes found in the industry today in all geographic areas.

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