Window Seal Failure

Do your windows look foggy or fogged?  Is there a collection of moisture or condensation between the panes?

There is an alternative to whole window replacement if you are dealing with window seal failure.  First off, here are some ways you can test your sealed windows whether they are double or triple paned insulated glass units (IGU’s).

window seal failureThe first thing to do is wash the window to be tested both inside and out.  Be sure to dry them, you want to be sure you have a true test.  This test is also a good habit to get into and perform each time you clean your windows as a part of spring cleaning or regular maintenance.

After washing and drying each window thoroughly, you can perform a simple visual inspection of each IGU.  Do you see moisture or condensation between the panes of the sealed unit?  It can manifest as a foggy patch or areas of water droplets.

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Install Energy Efficient Windows and Receive PUD Rebate!

If you’re considering enhancing your home’s energy efficiency, homeowners in Snohomish County are in luck! If you have an electrically heated home, your family may be eligible to receive instant rebates through the Snohomish County’s Public Utility District (PUD), which is the second largest publicly owned utility in the state of Washington. The PUD offers eligible homeowners the opportunity to help you pay for energy-saving home improvements!

Who is eligible for rebate? If you live in Snohomish County or Camano Island, homeowners with an electrically heated, manufactured home, townhouse or condominium for a single family, with up to 3 stories in height are eligible to participate in the PUD’s rebate.

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Introducing the New Trinsic™ Series by Milgard

Contemporary Design – Maximum View, Narrow Frame

Goldfinch Brothers, Inc is proud to announce the arrival of Milgard’s new Trinsic™ Series!  Trinsic is the newest addition to the Milgard vinyl line, where style meets efficiency and allows you to enjoy your view from the comfort inside your own home with their expansive windows, thin frames, and contemporary style.

Milgard is a long-time, award-winning manufacturer who has been creating top of the line products for over 50 years. Have peace of mind knowing their windows are of the highest quality and are backed by the Milgard Full Lifetime Warranty.

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Painted Vinyl Windows – A Popular Trend

Premium painted vinyl windows are a popular trend, and for good reason.  Not only are painted vinyl windows affordable and easily installed, they’re also extremely energy efficient and low maintenance.

There was once a time when options were limited and homeowners had to settle for white vinyl windows. Today, limitations are a thing of the past. Due to their increasing popularity, one can choose from a variety of premium colors from top manufacturers such as Milgard and Ply Gem. Find the perfect color to enhance your home’s style at an affordable cost.

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Spring Window Cleaning

Clean Windows: the secret to full visual enjoyment of your windows.  Here are the best tips for window cleaning inside and out.

spring window cleaningOld man winter can leave a murky build-up on your windows. One of the reasons you value your windows is for the clear views to the outdoors.  So, when it comes time for spring cleaning and washing your windows here are some great tips for a quality cleaning experience.

Some people prefer commercially available products for their ease of use or personal preference.  But if you are looking for a completely green conscious approach try these tips using common household products.
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The Latest Designs and Products for Shower Doors and Shower Enclosures

When it comes to shower doors and shower enclosures, what else could we see in innovation that we haven’t already seen in this ages-old industry? Plenty! And we have it all available for you.

Industry leading technology and designs

Agalite Transcend Shower EnclosureWe carry the finest products in the industry for both shower doors and shower enclosures.  And these products come in the very latest design innovations on the ages old industry.  One of the products we proudly use for our professional installation of shower doors and shower enclosures is Agalite.  This brand leads the way in design innovations that really make a difference.

The Transcend line of products showcases such creative marvels as the “Barn door” style double bypass shower doors.  Both inner and outer doors have full range of operability from side to side.  The top hung shower doors glide along effortlessly through the use of a superior quality, smooth and flowing rolling system.

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30% Tax Credit with Skylights

Combine 30% in tax savings with the glamorous and healthful benefits of installing Velux® energy performance model skylights for a winning combination in your home improvement endeavors.

Velux SkylightsLet’s face it, living here in the Northwest can often include long periods of dreary weather which can negatively impact emotional health by lowering energy levels.  A sure way to combat this is to install skylights above the most highly occupied living areas of your home.  Adding natural light pathways into your home brightens the interior significantly – even on the grayest of days. With the addition of skylights, you will see the shadows conspicuously diminished, right into the corners.  Watch your overall moods rise as the interior atmosphere of your home comes alive with the sparkle and dazzle of natural light. Guests will be sure to comment about the pleasant feeling of your home.

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3 Panel Sliding Doors

If you are looking for a highly rewarding way to enhance the value of your home, you must consider the benefits of installing a 3 panel sliding door system.  It’s not only an impressive and trendy way to boldly enliven the atmosphere of your home, it provides instant and dramatic space gain in moments.

3 panel sliding door

The absence of barriers between indoor areas and outdoor living spaces evokes a special and unique quality and feel for your living spaces.

Ever notice how much you want to get outside when the weather turns warm, inviting, and pleasant, but you don’t necessarily have the time to spend outdoors?  Opening the 3 panel sliding door allows an intimate connection between indoors and outdoors.

What a perfect way to instantly change an experience of feeling “stuck inside,” to one of feeling enlivened and revitalized with the naturally refreshing breezes, scents and atmosphere of the wide-open outdoors. You can enjoy the best of both worlds right in the comfort of your own home.

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When To Replace Your Home’s Windows

A good set of window frames can last 20 years or more with proper care and maintenance, but there comes a time in every window’s cycle when it’s time to replace it with a better, newer model. Here are some of the signs you can look for when deciding whether to upgrade your own.

Window repair being completed by a Goldfinch installer on a window frame.Check your windows for signs of damage. Frames should be inspected for cracks, gaps and other wear. Do they fog up? Do they stick, requiring a bit of elbow grease to open them? Minor problems can be repaired without replacing the entire window. “A window restoration specialist like Coviello—or even a good handyman or carpenter—can free up painted-shut upper sash; replace broken panes, sash cords, hardware, and glazing … and add weather-stripping,” Josh Garskof writes for Time.  That sort of fix is likely to run you $100 to $350 per window. However, warped, cracked or otherwise badly damaged frames should be replaced instead of applying a band-aid to the problem. “Even if the windows are still operable, they can develop problems,” Kris Hanson, Senior Group Manager in Product Management at Marvin Windows and Doors, tells Forbes.

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