3 Panel Sliding Doors

If you are looking for a highly rewarding way to enhance the value of your home, you must consider the benefits of installing a 3 panel sliding door system.  It’s not only an impressive and trendy way to boldly enliven the atmosphere of your home, it provides instant and dramatic space gain in moments.

3 panel sliding door

The absence of barriers between indoor areas and outdoor living spaces evokes a special and unique quality and feel for your living spaces.

Ever notice how much you want to get outside when the weather turns warm, inviting, and pleasant, but you don’t necessarily have the time to spend outdoors?  Opening the 3 panel sliding door allows an intimate connection between indoors and outdoors.

What a perfect way to instantly change an experience of feeling “stuck inside,” to one of feeling enlivened and revitalized with the naturally refreshing breezes, scents and atmosphere of the wide-open outdoors. You can enjoy the best of both worlds right in the comfort of your own home.

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When To Replace Your Home’s Windows

A good set of window frames can last 20 years or more with proper care and maintenance, but there comes a time in every window’s cycle when it’s time to replace it with a better, newer model. Here are some of the signs you can look for when deciding whether to upgrade your own.

Window repair being completed by a Goldfinch installer on a window frame.Check your windows for signs of damage. Frames should be inspected for cracks, gaps and other wear. Do they fog up? Do they stick, requiring a bit of elbow grease to open them? Minor problems can be repaired without replacing the entire window. “A window restoration specialist like Coviello—or even a good handyman or carpenter—can free up painted-shut upper sash; replace broken panes, sash cords, hardware, and glazing … and add weather-stripping,” Josh Garskof writes for Time.  That sort of fix is likely to run you $100 to $350 per window. However, warped, cracked or otherwise badly damaged frames should be replaced instead of applying a band-aid to the problem. “Even if the windows are still operable, they can develop problems,” Kris Hanson, Senior Group Manager in Product Management at Marvin Windows and Doors, tells Forbes.

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Historic Home Window Replacement Seattle, WA

If you own a historic home here in the Seattle area, you want to keep your original window frames for as long as possible to preserve your home’s warm aesthetic and potential resale value. But when the old ones become too weather damaged and drafty, you have no choice but to invest in a set of replacements.

windows in historic homeFinding the right match is no easy task, though. It requires a bit of research beginning with a careful assessment of the windows being replaced. Homeowners get about 73 percent of their replacement window investment back when they resell their house, according to Time magazine,  but choosing the wrong set can actually detract from the value of your home. “Like mantelpieces and built-in cabinets, original wood windows are important architectural features,” Realtor Bill Golden tells Time. “Replace them with a downscale product, and you downscale the house.”

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Windows for the Northwest Contemporary Home

Few improvements can transform the appearance of your Northwest contemporary home quite like installing a new set of windows. You can boost your home’s curb appeal, improve its views of the surrounding area and flood your living space with fresh air and natural light with just one simple upgrade. You’re also likely to save yourself loads of cash in the long run with today’s energy efficient designs. Here are a few considerations.


fi-marvin-landingJust about anything goes when it comes to modern window design. “Every window in your home is another opportunity to be creative,” columnist Dave Cook writes “That being said, what was considered extraordinary yesterday may seem pedestrian today. Having knowledge of current window trends will help you improve your home both inside and out.”

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Energy Audit Checklist

It’s never a bad idea to do an energy audit on your home, whether your motivation is shaving a few bucks from your energy bill or reducing your carbon footprint and helping fight global climate change. Here is a quick check list to get you started.

Reduce Air Leaks

Energy Audit

Reducing air leaks can help you save up to 30 percent in energy costs each year. Make a list of places where you find noticeable drafts. Check baseboards, flooring edges, wall junctures, electrical outlets, window frames, doors, attic hatches, fireplaces and wall/window-mounted air conditioners. Caulking and weatherstripping are two simple and effective remedies for leaks that you find. Caulk is generally used for cracks and openings between stationary house components, such as around door and window frames, and weatherstripping is used to seal components that move, such as doors and operable windows.

Learn more about stopping drafts here.
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Indoor/Outdoor Living Spaces

lacantina-thirdIt’s springtime in the Pacific Northwest which means soggy clouds will soon part (any minute now) illuminating the green vistas and breathtaking mountain views that make our region such a special place to live. It’s no wonder so many local homeowners are latching onto one of the biggest design trends of recent years: stylized indoor/outdoor living spaces.

Six in 10 architectural design firms saw a spike in demand last year for “areas in the home, such as a ground floor common room, that span interior and exterior spaces,” according to Architect Magazine.
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Adding Space and Light To Your Home With Bay Windows

Tuscany Bay WindowThere are many options for sprucing up the look and feel of your home, but few will transform your living space as dramatically as the addition of an elegant bay window.

Bay windows are window spaces that protrude outward from the walls of your home forming nooks in the rooms where they are installed. Most typically, they feature a larger picture window flanked, at an angle, by two smaller windows.

Bay and bow windows have several advantages over flat planes of glass. They are great for accentuating the view of your living room or master bedroom. They flood your room with additional light, dramatically altering how you see its various colors and textures; and they can add a much greater sense of balance and spaciousness, making them ideal for brightening and opening up previously dark, cramped spaces.

There are a few styles to choose from once you’ve decided to you want to upgrade windows in your home.
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The Many Reasons To Have An Amazing Front Door

thermatru before and afterThere are many strategies for upgrading the curb appeal of your home, from painting and changing your color scheme to giving your landscaping a makeover. One of the quickest ways to make a big splash and get the most bang for your buck, though, is by installing a new Therma-Tru entryway door. Here are just a few things to consider:

Your Home’s Curb Appeal
Improving curb appeal is one of the top five most valuable upgrades you can make, according to the National Association of Realtors. Consider that 90 percent of home buyers will start by looking at photos online. So having a striking exterior will attract potential buyers quicker.
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Choosing Patio Doors for your Home

Few features can so dramatically enhance the look and feel of your home as a new set of patio doors. They can let in more natural light, improve air circulation and establish an inviting pathway to outdoor decks and patios. There are a variety of options you’ll want to consider. First, lets examine the pros and cons of the three most common types of doors.

Looking to buy patio doors? Click the link

What patio door style is best for you?Milgard Patio Door

French doors (also known as hinged doors) typically consist of one or more framed, glass panels that swing open from the center. “French doors can transform a room,” Karin Mangan writes for Old House Web, “they let in natural light (and) can increase the sense of space even when the doors are closed. When the weather is warm, open the doors to expand your living space, make the most of your garden or patio, and allow fresh air to circulate in your home.”
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The Benefits of Skylights in Your Everett Home

Are you considering adding a skylight (roof window) to spruce up your home’s appearance? The aesthetic, economic and even health benefits are many. Here are just a few advantages of skylights.

Woman standing below a roof skylight
Photo Courtesy of Velux. Learn more at www.veluxusa.com

Natural Light

Everything looks better under natural light. Window lighting can be very bright or dull depending on the time of day. Skylights windows provide balanced, natural lighting from above, enhancing the look of your decor and color schemes.

Healthy Environment

Skylights enhance a fresh, healthy environment. For starters, there are mood-elevating benefits of more sunshine. (Ahhh, feel that Vitamin D building up in your system.) Skylights also help eliminate pollutants and smells that build up in your home from normal, day-to-day activity: dust, pet hair, mildew, cooking odors, chemicals released from household cleaners.

Mold Reducing

Mold is an especially worrisome problem in Everett’s drizzly weather. It thrives in places that are dark and damp with stagnant air making sunlight and a fresh breeze two of your biggest weapons for keeping it at bay. Stop window condensation. Skylights that open release those toxins and help circulate fresh air into your home, ensuring it will be a healthy, pleasant place to live for years to come.

Better View, Without Loss of Privacy

Get a better view without sacrificing privacy. In homes that are built close together bedroom and bathroom shades often remain closed. By adding a roof skylight, you can let more light in without worrying about prying eyes.

In addition, many skylight options come with blinds or shades that allow homeowners to diffuse or block the light during certain times of the day or programmable touch-screen remote controls that allow homeowners to schedule times for skylight blinds to close and open.

Contact us today to learn about how you can get skylight windows installed in your Everett home.

Save Money

Save on energy bills. Heat naturally rises and is pulled out through skylights that open while cool air is pulled in through lower level windows. On those hot summer days that means you can be less dependent on air conditioning. For more ways to save money, check out Low-e Glass.

Make Your Guests Feel Comfortable

Add natural light to bonus rooms. If you’re considering converting an extra room into a home office or turning your attic into a bedroom, skylights and roof windows are the perfect way to add light and making them feel comfortable. This is especially true in attics with sloped roofs where it can be difficult to add windows.



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